GCHB UGrCH Blacksheep Masterpiece Mystery CD

CH Sunkissed Tricks or Treats x CH Pecan Valley A Blue Clue

Porter is a Clue son and the biggest Bad Dog we can think of. He enjoyed a stellar specials career as a young dog, reaching the top 5 in the breed in the months he was shown. He then retired to life as a performance dog, and has excelled in obedience, rally, nosework, herding, and everything else that has been thrown at him. His two litters include the beautiful Masterpieces litter (with CH Sora and MACH Dora Bean) and a beautiful all-tri litter in Sweden.

Health testing: Hips, elbows, eyes, DM, PRA.

Porter is happily retired (though still racking up performance titles) with Karen P and her daughter.

  • Category : Blacks and Tris / Retired / Stud Dogs