As show and working breeders, we are committed to preserving and, where needed, improving the qualities that make our Cardigans such superb family dogs and working companions. That means we need to have an active and vibrant breeding program. But we’re not just breeders. We’re moms, dads, daughters, brothers, and – most important – family dog owners. We never want our dogs to be kenneled, or for our numbers to get large enough that our dogs don’t live as beloved family companions. Our solution is to allow extremely select families to share the very best prospects from our litters.

We call this “The Conspiracy of Ravens.”

How it works

The Conspiracy of Ravens

Conspiracy homes are charged with a very special mission – taking care of the dogs who will go on to make the next generation of working dogs, service dogs, and show dogs. We try to be both intentional and careful when we place these puppies, who are the best of their thoughtfully bred litters. They are the puppies we would keep ourselves, and we are grateful to the families that care for them and allow us to keep our numbers low and our dedication to our dogs high.

A Conspiracy puppy has an important destiny, but it’s still a puppy. We want their families to feel that their dog is bonded to them and has a fulfilling family life. We encourage you to get your puppy involved in obedience, in sports and performance, and in therapy activities. They need lots of exercise, tons of love, and of course training and discipline to thrive and shine. After all, they will spend very little of their lives with us in their role as show or breeding dogs – they will be with you and in your home all but a few days a year.

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Our shared future

The dogs of the Conspiracy

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