We are dedicated to the unlimited working Cardigan Welsh Corgi: instinct, health, temperament, drive, and conformation.

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We breed, show, and work the best dog on four (short) legs: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi

White Raven Cardigan Welsh Corgis is not a single breeder. We are a group of friends who believe that together we can do more and better – as good breeders, good owners, and good trainers – than we ever could alone. We value community over competition, and we raise Cardigan Corgis as a family, with a healthy dose of laughter and fun.

We’re a little different from the typical show breeder – we do not breed with the goal of producing “show dogs” and “pets.” We breed Cardigans as a historic working dog who can also succeed in the show ring. Our goal is that every prospect end up in a working (to us this means service dog, therapy dog, herding/farm, tracking, search and rescue, eventual breeding, etc.) home.

If you’re interested in a puppy from us, our best matches tend to be active homes with a plan for your puppy. Our puppies are drivey, active, and energetic, and are rarely happy just warming the couch.

We show and trial our dogs in AKC and UKC in the conformation ring, in herding, in agility, in rally, tracking, nosework, and in other sports. Many of our dogs go on to be full-time service dogs for people with disabilities. Our goal is to produce the “do it all” Cardigan, and to place the right puppy with the right family.

We hope you join us.

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Above all else, we are "do no harm" breeders. We are most concerned with long life, happy families, and fulfilled dogs who are doing the job they were bred to do.

The Team

The era of the large kennel is over – which is OK. Cardigans are a hard-working, honest, wonderful breed that deserves to live and love in a family situation. But a single family breeder without a kennel and with a limited number of litters each year can rarely make meaningful progress.

That’s why we work, play, visit, show, and trial together, always with the goal of leaving the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed better than we found it. Sarah and Joanna form the core of White Raven Cardigans, but our community of co-owners and co-breeders numbers means that every dog and every litter is raised, trained, and loved in a family environment.


Sarah Davis

Sarah is a talented owner-handler and does most of our ring training, as well as evaluations for the performance and service work that is so dear to our hearts. Sarah is a certified master trainer, a vet tech, and a service dog partner with Ianto. All White Raven puppies cycle through her house for training and performance foundation work, and she handles most of our dogs.


Joanna Kimball

Joanna spends her weekends cheering on dogs in the rings, and then welcoming them back to a busy kid-filled house where they can be family dogs. She can tube-feed a puppy in three seconds flat, while burping another one on her shoulder and updating Facebook with two fingers. Her four daughters help to raise puppies and train our service dog prospects.


The Conspiracy

The most important part of the White Raven team are our wonderful puppy owners and co-owners. Some Conspiracy members co-own dogs with us; all are a vital part of the team. From the performance cheerleaders to the therapy dog moms and the trainers, every one of our puppy owners is precious. We maintain a very active user group, and we band together to help and support our dogs’ needs.



Be happy with us! Whether we're expecting puppies, celebrating a new title, or updating the stories of White Raven alumni, this is where you'll find the latest news and updates.

2020 puppies are planned!

The pandemic has put a crimp in our plans, but we're still anticipating two Cardigan litters in summer/fall 2020, both merle/black and red/brindle. We already have an extensive waiting list for these litters, so if you are interested, get in touch soon.

2021-22 will likely be quite busy, with red/sable/brindle litters.

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